A Step-By-Step Guide to Improve Google Ad Score
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A Step-By-Step Guide to Improve Google Ad Score

Improve Google Adwords Score

If you are running an AdWord campaign then you would surely know what Google Ad score is and “what is the need of improving it”. To every keyword in the campaign, Google assigns a quality score, which put a dramatic impact on the campaign performance.   The amount of your cost per click and position of your ad on the search results page completely depends on this particular number. And, to have an edge over others you need to know how to improve your score.

Here let’s have a look at what would be the benefits of better ads:

You can consider it as your credit score. Like, whenever you shop for something, your credit score determines how much your loan amount is and what interest rate you have to pay. The Google Ad score also works similarly.

Reduced spend

Keywords with high-quality score can save your money as an advertiser with better quality score have to pay less for every click.

Greater ranking position

Google consider different factors while giving a score to a keyword. But basically, scoring is performed based on the relevance. The main approach used behind this is that the keywords with the higher quality score are supposed significant by Google and this particular search engine like to provide appropriate results to the search made by a user. Therefore, the better quality score, the better your ads appear within the search results!

There are eight main steps that you should follow to better your Google Ad Score.

Here, let’s have a look at those:

  1. Super Small Ad Groups

Google recommends advisors to use 15-20 keywords for per ad group. In most of the cases, it does not work out. Preferably, there should be one keyword per ad group. In case you have multiple accounts, you have to consider the same approach for 80% of the keywords you expect will generate the maximum traffic. You can apply this particular strategy for the infrequently shown keywords because of low-quality score warning.

Besides this, you also have to ensure that all the landing page, keywords, and ads are accurately linked together. This will also show a good overall quality score. In case there are numerous keywords in your ad group but your ad may not be relevant for each keyword, there may be the chances that your landing page does not contain all those keywords. So, you need to customize your ad copy related to the keyword and make sure that all your landing pages have sufficient references to that particular keyword. Doing this will also give you more control over managing your quality score!

  1. Include Negative keywords

Negative keywords are basically added to a campaign or ad group so that Google ignore your ads. Such sorts of keywords are precarious to eradicate inappropriate searches from your campaign. This will ensure that the particular keyword is corresponding to only a single ad group within your campaign.

It’s crucial to add certain keywords in your campaign that do not want any type of traffic ever. Especially, if you are targeting a single keyword ad group!

  1. Expanded text ads

To improve Google Ad score, your ads should be appropriate to the user search queries. Implementing a single keyword ad group strategy can make this easier as you can always ensure that your keyword exists in the ad copy.

But in case you want to get see your ads to the next level, using a new expanded text ad format by Google would be a better option. It enables you to get ads around half percent lengthier than earlier. This will also give you enough space to fit your long tail keywords. In addition to this, you would have sufficient room to include call-to-action and additional benefits. Doing this will not only make ads more appropriate than earlier but also increase CTR. With expanded text ads, you can have 140 characters of ad space.

  1. Avoid using dynamic keyword insertion

This feature of AdWords enables you to automatically use the search query of user anywhere inside your ad copy. In case you use single keyword ad groups, it practically eliminates the requirement for dynamic keyword insertion in the top place. Dynamic keyword insertion practice can provide you with incredible outcomes.

  1. Ad extensions

Ad extensions are quite crucial for the quality score calculations. They include additional elements of information about your business which help a user quick get what they are looking for, without digging your website to search answers. This additional layer of expediency improves your click-through-rates.

Ad extensions such as location, site links, call, review, callout, seller ratings, structured snippet, and price are great for improving the Google Ad score.

  1. Landing page content

The relevance of landing page content is considered a major factor while determining the quality score by Google. Therefore, you must ensure that you have used keywords in the meta description, title and meta keywords section of your landing page. In addition to this, try to include keywords within the content, especially in headings and subheadings.

You may take benefit of some on-page SEO techniques which you would use for the optimization of your website pages. In case you follow a single keyword ad group approach, you can make use of a customized landing page for every ad group. Applying this particular strategy will ensure an accurate match between your keyword, landing page, and ad. This will help in increasing your quality score and give an exceptional boost to your conversion rate too.

Improve Landing page user experience! Make your landing page visually appealing, quick loading to ensure brilliant overall user experience.

  1. Use branded keywords

In case you have top ranking organically for your branded keywords, you must use them in the bids. Because when both organic results and PPC have high visibility for your branded keywords, only then you can have higher combined CTR. The inclusion of branded ads will provide the greater CTRs in your entire campaign which will also contribute to the improve Google Ad score for certain keyword.

Following this step-by-step guide to improving Google Ad score will definitely help to run any ad campaign successfully. In addition to this, stay focused and continues your effort!

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