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Discover exciting career opportunities at Classudo Technologies. Join our innovative team, shape the future, and make a difference through cutting-edge technology and collaborative growth. Your journey starts here.

Graphics Designer

Bring your creativity to life as a Graphic Designer. Join us to craft visually stunning designs that communicate messages, captivate audiences, and elevate brands across various mediums and projects.

Web Developer

Join us as a Web Developer to create engaging online experiences. Code, design, and innovate websites that make an impact in a collaborative and dynamic environment.

PHP Developer

Become a PHP Developer and shape digital landscapes with your coding expertise. Join our team to craft dynamic and efficient web solutions using PHP, driving innovation in a collaborative environment.

SEO executive

Join us as an SEO Executive to elevate online visibility. Employ your skills in optimizing content and strategies, driving increased organic traffic and enhancing digital presence for our clients.

Social Media Manager

Step into the role of a Social Media Manager and lead online brand presence. Strategize, create, and engage across platforms to drive growth, build connections, and foster brand loyalty in the digital realm.

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Become a Graphic Designer at our team. Craft visual stories, create impactful designs, and shape brand identities. Join us to transform ideas into compelling visuals and make your mark in the design world. Your creativity is our canvas.


graphic design

Be a PHP Developer with us. Build dynamic websites, develop web applications, and contribute to cutting-edge projects. Join our team to code, innovate, and shape the digital landscape. Your PHP expertise is what we're looking for.


php development

Shape digital success as a Digital Marketing Executive. Lead strategic campaigns, amplify online presence, and contribute to our dynamic team, making a meaningful impact in the digital realm. Your journey to excel starts here.


digital marketing executive

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